AirBox Import Playlist

AirBox Import Playlist

How to use the AirBox import playlist option.

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    • Can TitleBox run on the same server as AirBox?

      Yes, both AirBox and TitleBox can be run on the same server.
    • Automated Playlist & Content replication

      SafeBox can copy or move playlist files, along with all the footage, associated with them, to ONE destination folder. Open the options dialog and make sure SafeBox is running in þ Playlist mode. Click OK. Add the daily playlist folder, which is ...
    • What kind of scripting language does TitleBox support?

      A native scripting language allows AirBox or third-party applications to produce scripting in  TitleBox. This language is described in the TitleBox API. Alternatively, a simplified titling automation engine is available through the AirBox graphic ...
    • Playlist info in graphics – Graphic rules

      The information, contained in the playlist can be passed to TitleBox, to display it automatically as the playback proceeds. Go to Settings menu > Graphic rules Check Use Graphic rules for current AirBox. Specify the conditions for sending the ...
    • Airbox Playout software

      AirBox provides automated content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcasters and corporate TV users. It is designed to be extremely robust, in order to meet the highest reliability demands of on-air playout. Due to its ...