Airbox Logo Insertion

Airbox Logo Insertion

In a stand-alone AirBox you can save up to 16 static logo presets and use them later during playback.

Set your logos in Settings menu > Logo;

Select the desired logo preset (one to sixteen), click Load and browse for the relevant image.

Click Open. The image will appear in the preview area.
Below you can view and change its position in the screen.

If the image has an alpha channel, define the Matte color in the relevant field.

Click Apply to save the logo in the selected preset position.

Open ShotBox in View menu and assign logo on/off events to the buttons;

Push the relevant buttons to show/hide the logos you need.


Use the Commands menu to show logo presets through clicking on the logo presets list.

TIP (!) For your convenience, the logo presets are numbered, so that you can press <Ctrl>+<preset #> to switch between logo presets.

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