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Supporting previous Athensa Clients

PlayBox Technology will assist previous Athensa clients with the next level of broadcast solutions. If you have a valid Software Maintenance package with Athensa, we will provide PlayBox support and updates free of charge. For more information, get in touch.

We are aware of the developing situation within Athensa, a former spin-off company of PlayBox Technology. We wish Vassil Lefterov, previously PlayBox Technology Limited CEO, the best of luck in his new cloud-based endeavours for the industry as he steps away from Athensa.

Athensa was originally operated by four former PlayBox Technology employees. At the time of Athensa’s inception, we felt it necessary to distinguish between our respective companies - Athensa, in no way, represented our innovative range of broadcast solutions and our R&D centric culture as a company. We continued to introduce an exciting new range of solutions, and proactively built on our well-earned reputation as the #1 international Channel-in-a-Box manufacturer, much to the delight of our loyal customers and clients worldwide.

Towards the latter part of the past decade, we have seen exciting new strides being made in the cloud-based sectors of broadcast technology. Neo Series, CloudAir, Mega Series and Cosmos were our answers to the needs of broadcasters worldwide - broadcasters who craved a reliable, innovative cloud playout experience at a reasonable cost. We have played a defining part in the mass-adoption of cloud-based solutions for new and existing broadcasters. Plus, we're only just getting started!

Due to the urgency and emphasis on reliability within our industry, we feel that it is necessary to extend our industry-leading support towards the clients and customers, dealers and channel partners of Athensa, most of which are former PlayBox Technology’s clients. We remain committed to supporting all former clients of Athensa and advancing them to the next level of cloud and broadcasting innovation. Furthermore, all Athensa clients with an Athensa Annual Software Maintenance package can receive complementary PlayBox Technology support for free during that valid period.

For more information, contact us here. We welcome new working relationships, and we will support you and your operations in any way we can. If you have any questions about us or our solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us via formtelephoneWhatsApp or LiveChat. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind regards and best wishes for the future,

PlayBox Technology 

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