Can I upload my own logo and Favicon on the system?

Can I upload my own logo and Favicon on the system?

Yes! PlayBox Technology offers fully customizable GUI of the front end of the system 
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    • How to set up my logo on the video in Eurisko?

      Upload the logo on Network/Main OSD/2nd OSD setting, configure the image parameters and click "Apply”
    • Airbox Logo Insertion

      In a stand-alone AirBox you can save up to 16 static logo presets and use them later during playback. Set your logos in Settings menu > Logo; Select the desired logo preset (one to sixteen), click Load and browse for the relevant image. Click Open. ...
    • System requirements

      NOTE: Channel in a Box, AirBox, CaptureBox NOTE: For single channel Windows 10 Professional x 64  Intel® xenon silvers 4210R, S 3647, Cascade Lake-SP, 20 Core, 40 Thread  32GB RAM (64GB RAM for simultaneous SDI and streaming Mpeg2/H.264 ...
    • RTMP not working on Eurisko

      Check if the IP address in the Network section of the Configuration panel match. Make sure that the upload internet speed is able to upload the stream.
    • White-label options

      We provide a number of white-label features upon request: Customise the appearance of the panel Upon request customers and users have the opportunity to brand and modify the look of the panel on their ad server as part of the white-label ...