Capturing an IP Stream

Capturing an IP Stream

Make sure to select the IP Capture plug-in:

Press Device select

Select one of the IP Capture plug-ins

Click OK
Press Setup and specify the host address and the port for receiving the stream.

Click OK.

If the incoming stream is MPEG2 Transport Stream, Press Stream Filtering:

Select the filtering type and proceed accordingly

Check Use IP Streaming to send the captured stream to the network.

Check No capturing to disable writing the stream to a file.

Click OK

Press Manual Capture to start capturing.

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      For Standard definition MPEG 2, 3,75mbps and for HD high 15mbps including audio. But keep in mind that a transport stream by default has no mechanism to recover from packet loss. It needs a wrapper like RTMP, RTSP, SRT, MPEG dash
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      Yes, you can stream out H.264. H.264, also known as AVC or MPEG4-part10.