Content Ingest

Content Ingest

CaptureBox provides the ingest part of the TV workflow. Depending on your needs, you can combine it with other PlayBox modules to fit best into your specific workflow requirements. Below, you will find a description of the two basic modes of operation.

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      SafeBox can copy or move playlist files, along with all the footage, associated with them, to ONE destination folder. Open the options dialog and make sure SafeBox is running in þ Playlist mode. Click OK. Add the daily playlist folder, which is ...
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    • Is there a limited on the number of the subscribers or content to be uploaded?

      As any other PlayBox Technology's product, OTT CMS comes with no subscription or content restrictions.
    • Why is it not possible to edit content in TitleBox while it is in remote control mode?

      Allowing local and remote control simultaneously will have a negative impact on the content.  If your workflow requires template preparation or editing to be performed while TitleBox is slaved, we strongly suggest obtaining a preparation seat.
    • Reviewing the captured content

      You can check a file in the software preview window or through the video output of a hardware decoder (check the list of supported platforms). Make sure the video output of the decoder is connected to a monitor. Skip this step if using software-only ...