Does the OTT CMS provide analytics?

Does the OTT CMS provide analytics?

The system is equipped with  a simple analytics tool to track some basic data such as the number of movies, TV shows, and live channels has been uploaded, the number of current subscribers, the number of transactions you have for the past day, week, month or year, list of recent comments and etc.

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    • Can I extract my subscriber or transaction database from the OTT CMS?

      The OTT CMS provides possibility for download both the subscribers' and the transactions' database in xls and cvs format
    • Does the OTT CMS cater for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and PVOD?

      Yes, the OTT CMS caters for all of them. The customer will be able to select the payable to any of those platforms, based on their needs and preferences.
    • Signing up for OTT Stream

      You could sign up for free at any time here:  OTT Stream by PlayBox Technology Click Join now button at the middle of  the sign-up page. Provide your email, and choose a password. Once the form is completed, you will receive a registration email. ...