Edit OTT Stream Settings

Edit OTT Stream Settings

To edit your settings, please navigate Profile / Admin Area / Settings

The right side of the page a menu with various settings pages will appear:

  1. General
  2. Content
  3. Streaming
  4. Billing
  5. Localization
  6. Authentication
  7. Uploading
  8. Mail
  9. Cache
  10. Analytics
  11. Logging
  12. Queue
  13. Recaptcha
  14. GDPR
  15. Menus
  16. Seo
  17. Themes


The General tab will open by default and it allows you to configure general site settings.

  1. Add Primary Site Url
  2. Site Homepage: choose the type of landing, register, login and browse pages
  3. Default Site Theme and Theme change: Allows user to switch from dark to light mode and vice versa.
  4. Sitemap: Once generated, sitemap index url


The Content tab allows users to control how content is displayed across the site. It has 4 sub-sections:

  1. General
  2. Search
  3. Automation
  4. Homepage


In this tab, the user can manage the rating used for sorting and consists of the following items:
  1. Rating used: It enables users when ordering titles by rating, to use local user rating or integrated database rating average.
  2. Enable/Disable Reviews
  3. Enable/Disable Comments
  4. Page Genres
  5. Age ratings
  6. Video qualities
  7. Minimum and maximum years for slider in browse titles page.
  8. People Page Min Popularity
This tab specifies the search parameters to be used on the platform and it includes:
  1. Search Method
  2. Search driver      


This tab allows users to connect internet database via API and automatically query for relevant data and import it into local database or locally via retrieving data from local site database (this includes data that was previously cached locally by any import methods as well as data created manually via admin area).

The section also filters in adult content is allowed.


This tab addresses the toggle auto-slide functionality of homepage slider, the number of homepage list items, the number of homepage slider items and the play buttons

Streaming & Videos

This tab visualizes how videos are played and displayed on the site and includes:

  1. Video Panel Design: Which design mode should be used for displaying videos on title and episode pages.
  2. Video Panel Sorting: How should videos on title and episode pages be ordered by default. 
  3. Video Panel Content Type: What kind of videos should be displayed in videos panel in title and episode pages.
  4. Show Captions Panel: Whether "add captions" panel should be shown to regular users when adding/editing videos.
  5. Show Category Select: Whether "category" select should be shown to regular users when adding/editing videos.
  6. Header Play Button: Whether "play" button should be shown on main title header.
  7. Play Full Movies and Episodes: When user clicks on "play" buttons across the site play full movie or episode (if available) instead of trailers and clips.
  8. Show Streamable Label: Show "streamable" label on title and episode posters, if they have any streamable videos attached.
  9. Related Videos Type: What videos should be displayed in player overlay "related videos" panel.
  10. Next Episodes As Related Videos:  Show next and previous episode videos in player overlay related videos panel, instead of videos related to the whole series.
  11. Auto Approve Videos: Automatically approve all videos submitted by users. If disabled, videos submitted by users will have to be manually approved by admin before they are visible.
  12. Show Streamable Filter: Toggle visibility of "Only Streamable" filter on browse titles page.
  13. Toggle Streamable Filter: Set "Only Streamable" filter to "on" by default.


This tab has 2 subsections:
  1. General
  2. Invoices


The subsections enables billing in general, PayPal and Stripe payment gateways and identifies the payment cards to be used


The invoices tab enables which email address to show under "from" section of user invoice and enables the user to create an Invoice note

This tab manages localization settings for the site, including:
  1. Timezone
  2. Site Language
  3. Date Format
  4. Translations:  enables translations functionality for the site.


This tab enables user to configure registration, social login and related 3rd party integrations:
  1. Enable/ Disable required email confirmation
  2. Enable / Disable registration
  3. Enable / Disable single device login
  4. Enable / Disable and Configuration of Google Login
  5. Enable / Disable and Configuration of Facebook Login
  6. Enable / Disable and Configuration of Twitter Login


This tab is for configuration of the size and type of files that users are able to upload:

  1. Public Uploads Storage Method: Where site uploads (video, subtitles, avatars etc.) should be stored.
  2. File Delivery Optimization: When enabled it will reduce server memory and CPU usage when previewing or downloading files, especially for large files.
  3. Chunked Uploads: When enabled larger files will be uploaded in smaller chunks to improve upload reliability and avoid server max upload size limits.
  4. Chunk Size: Size for each file chunk. Recommended size is 5MB. It should generally only be changed if maximum upload size on your server is lower then 5MB. Increasing or decreasing chunk size will not affect 
  5. Resumable Uploads: Allow users to resume partial or failed uploads.
  6. Maximum file size: Maximum size for a single file user can upload.
  7. Available Space: Disk space each user uploads are allowed to take up. This can be overridden per user.
  8. Allowed file types: List of allowed file types (jpg, mp3, pdf etc.). Leave empty to allow all file types.
  9. Blocked file types: Prevent uploading of these file types, even if they are allowed above.


The tab changes incoming and outgoing email handlers, email credentials and more.


The tab configures cache time, method and related 3rd party integrations.


The tag enables configuration of google analytics integration and credentials.


The tab configures site error and access logging and related 3rd party integrations.


The tab selects active queue method and enter related 3rd party API keys.


The tab configures google recaptcha integration and credentials.


The tab configures settings related to EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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