How many versions of PlayBox products are there?

How many versions of PlayBox products are there?

PlayBox Technology offers an advanced series of playout and streaming engines, CG and graphics generator, ingest service, content management and etc. The development process is split into different "release updates", each working on a build in a separate stage of development. So far, PlayBox Technology has provided 4 updates: SD, HD, Neo and Mega. 

Additionally, PlayBox Technology released 2 generations of IP (MPEG transfer) ecosystems: CloudAir and Cosmos.

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    • Is there a guide how to prepare Windows for Playbox Products?

      Yes, there is a guide that helps you make the correct settings and install the right components of Windows 10 before installing Playbox Products. Please see them below: Please contact our Support Team at if you need hep ...
    • Which is better PlayBox Neo or PlayBox Mega Series?

      Both PlayBox Neo and PlayBox Mega are the stable versions. These are versions that are tested and proved stable for general use. PlayBox Mega is one step ahead, so it has some new features and enhancements, corresponding to the broadcast market ...
    • Who created PlayBox Technology Ltd?

      PlayBox Technology history PlayBox Technology Ltd was established in 2005 in Hatfield, United Kingdom by 5 co-founders: Don Ash, Vassil Lefterov, Pavlin Rahnev, Stoyan Marinov, and Kornel Kathi. 
    • What's the latest version of PlayBox?

      Platform Version PlayBox for Windows Mega ICX Mega 2.0
    • Can I buy products online?

      PlayBox Technology UK Ltd operates an online shop for updated of Annual Software and Technical Support and Maintenance Contract License (ASM). It is available at the following link: Marketplace - Buy Channel in a Box Online | PlayBox Technology To ...