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Installation of Cosmos

The link to the latest installation package of Cosmos would be provided by PlayBox Technology UK Ltd in an email.

1. Download and unzip the file.
2. Open CMD as administrator and open Windows PowerShell thru it /just type in powershell/
3. Locate the Cosmos installation folder, example: root> cd "C:\Install\Cosmos\setup-cosmos-2020-02-04-1200\
- If this is the first installation of Cosmos on the server type in PowerShell the following command: Set-Execution Policy Unrestricted , confirm with A and hit enter.
4. Type in .\install.ps1 and the script will be executed. For Host IP select the local IP of the server and wait for the installation to complete.
5. Directory of the complete installation is in C:\Cosmos
6. The configuration panel of Cosmos is , the Cosmos App is

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