PlayBox Doctor Report

PlayBox Doctor Report

The PlayBox Doctor gives you the opportunity to easily generate complete problem reports. It is integrated in each PlayBox module. It can gather almost all the information needed for our PlayBox support team in order to provide you with the prompt answers, without asking too many questions about your system configuration.

The fields you have to fill-in are self-explanatory and the information is auto-collected at startup. You must fill in your name, e-mail, company, and select your country from the list. The following two fields are filled in automatically. Choose the hardware platform you use in this module and specify the installed driver version. As soon as you have selected the relevant entries from the drop-down lists to the left, push the Apply button to insert this information in the report.

In the Diagnostics field to the right there is a list of the most common problems - you can choose one of them or you can describe your situation and queries manually in the Additional information field. Push the Add button to insert the problem description in the report.

Press Thorough Scan to scan the entire system. The PlayBox Doctor will generate a list of all files stored on your HDD. Include this information in your PlayBox Doctor report if you suspect that some files might be disturbing the smooth running of the module.   

If you scan PlayBox files and this info to your PlayBox Doctor report, we could understand whether you have some missing DMT files, or you have some extra files that should not be in this patch on your computer. Sometimes these files could cause problems.

The Get Filter button will add information about the filters used in the running module to your report.

When you send us screenshots, please, use the Screenshot button instead of sending us separately prepared pictures. Just press this button and PlayBox Doctor will minimize automatically. Then select the window you want to shoot and go on with the PlayBox Doctor report.

If you have problems with an MPEG file, press the Analyze button and browse for the file. Thus, we will receive information about its structure. Attach any documents, pictures, or files that you would like to send to us.

If your attachments are bigger than 4 MB, please, upload your files on our FTP. You will have to contact us on to get an up-loader name and password.

Automatically attaches the log files of the currently selected module. This helps us trace the history and behavior of this application.

The Get Base button is active only when you choose DataBox in the PlayBox module field. This provides us with information about the database open in your DataBox module.

 NOTE: Do NOT forget to fill in your contact information and send us the generated report directly (if internet connection is available) or save it as a file and send it later.

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