Playout Redundancy

Playout Redundancy

Start the BackUp AirBox;

Go to Tools menu > Mirror Mode > Configureā€¦ and set the backup, according to your needs (enable switcher control, playlist synchronization, create backup group, etc.)

TIP(!) To create a group of Backup channels:

Type the same Group ID in all backup AirBoxes that should belong to this group.

Check the two options below (Notify, Listen, or both):

Notify means that the current Mirror will send information to other channels in the group if its playout status changes.

Listen means that the current Mirror will start playing as well in case it receives such a notification.

Click OK to apply.

Go to Tools menu > Mirror Mode > and select Full or Idle mode:

In Full mode, the Backup AirBox is always playing the same content parallel to the Master.

In Idle mode, the Backup AirBox is just listening to the Master AirBox activity and start playing only if the Master AirBox stops responding.

Both modes have their advantages and disadvantages.

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