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Proper installation of PlayBox GPI Relay Card Driver

In order to properly install the driver, first Driver Signature Enforcement would need to be disabled in Windows. This is done in the following steps:
0. In a cmd with admin privileges run the following command:

bcdedit /set testsigning on

1. Open Group Policy Editor(gpedit.msc)
2. Navigate to User Configuration > System > Driver Installation
3. Double-Click on Code Signing for Device Drivers, set it to Enabled and in the Options pane select Ignore

4. Reboot.
In order to install the driver do the following after the reboot:
1. Copy the ZIP containing the driver attached in the issue and extract it.
2. Open Device Manager(devmgmt.msc), navigate to Universal Serial Bus controllers and locate USB Serial Converter, in the driver info it should most likely have a FTDI driver installed

3. Click on Update driver(double-click on the device, Driver tab, Update Driver), Select Browse my computer for driver software, select Let me Pick from a List of Available Drivers.., click on Have disk, and Browse, navigate to the directory where you've extracted the driver and select the ftdibus.inf.
You should see PlayBox Serial Converter and a warning that it's not digitally signed, double-click on it.

During the intallation it should show a warning that you're installing an unsigned driver, click Install this driver software anyway

4. Repeat Step 3 but this time you should look for USB Serial Port located in Ports (COM/LPT)

The driver is ftdiport.inf in this case, located in the same directory as the other driver.
5. Optional step after installation is to disable test mode using this command:

bcdedit /set testsigning off

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