Remote Playout Control

Remote Playout Control

Multi Playout Manager is a web server application.

It was designed to control multiple AirBox channels from within the same user environment or from a remote location.

MPM supports a web-based interface, from which web users can control all AirBox channels, included in the MPM Monitoring list, depending on their user rights.

In AirBox, go to Settings menu > General. 

Check Enable IP Remote Control. 

NOTE: Only channels with this check enabled will be visible in MPM!

Start MAM and add channels in the monitoring list by pressing

Add playlists and folders in the content bin below. 

NOTE: Only these objects will be visible from the Internet!

Go to Options menu > Web users and define user names, passwords, and control rights.

Click OK to apply

Go to Options menu > Web control and check it to allow the remote control through web interface.

To connect to MPM from the internet, type the MPM IP address in the address bar of your browser. Use your user name and password to access the web interface.

TIP (!) You can group/ungroup AirBoxes in the monitoring list by right-clicking on them and selecting a group from the drop-down list. Thus, all commands that are sent to a channel that belongs to a group will be applied to all other channels in the same group.

IMPORTANT: MPM uses UDP port 8080 or TCP port 80 for communication. Make sure it is not used by other programs! Most antivirus applications prevent MPM from proper operation!

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