Set up Google Analytics on OTT Stream

Set up Google Analytics on OTT Stream

To configure Google Analytics., navigate Admin Area > Settings > Analytics to add your Google Analytics ID and Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Once linked, OTT Stream will provide traffic data to your related Google Analytics account.

Analytics allows you to understand how visitors interact with your websites and apps, allowing you to take action to improve their experience. Check out the features list below to see what Google Analytics can achieve for you:

  1. Analytics Intelligence: Get quick answers to your analytics data inquiries, gain insights into how your organisation is operating, and take use of extensive modelling tools.
  2. Reporting: With a number of reporting options, you can simply share insights throughout your organisation and see how consumers engage with your site and applications.
  3. Data Visualization and Analysis: Analytics provides several methods for accessing, organising, and visualising data to meet the demands of your organisation.
  4. Data Collection and Management: Analytics for Data Collection to assists you in organising and managing your data.
  5. Data Activation: Make more educated marketing decisions based on your data.
  6. Integration: Analytics is built to work in tandem with other Google solutions and partner products, saving you time and enhancing efficiency.

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