Software warranty

Software warranty

PlayBox Technology (UK) Limited warrants that it has all necessary rights to sell and or licence the copyright in the software". The software is sold under licence agreement that allows the client to use the software for his professional use. The agreement specifically forbids the client from copying the software other than for security, selling on without prior permission or offering the software as a service, without prior permission. PlayBox Technology (UK) Limited warrants that the product is fit for purpose but not fault free.

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    • Hardware warranty

      PlayBox Technology (UK) Limited warrants that it has all necessary rights to sell the hardware and confirms that the sale of the hardware will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third parties in the hardware. PlayBox Technology ...
    • How can I upgrade my software?

      If you are an existing user of our software modules, have valid annual maintenance and support license contract (ASM) and have a dongle, you can our Support Team at and ask to get all of your PlayBox Technology software ...
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      The PlayBox Technology (UK) Limited products are provided with a mandatory first year ASM&TS (annual software maintenance and technical support) contract enabling the customer to maintain their software up to date by email and web based “Live” ...
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      A warning message for expiration date can occur in either of the 2 occasions: ·        License expiration date - the warning message will occur in situations where the software is running on a temporary license. After the expiry date the software ...
    • I have lost the installation files of previous software version. Can you provide me with a copy?

      In the name of Security and to be able to service better its customers, PlayBox does not offer older Versions of software. The customers can get the latest version of PlayBox Neo and PlayBox Mega series only.