System requirements

System requirements

NOTE: Channel in a Box, AirBox, CaptureBox

NOTE: For single channel

Windows 10 Professional x 64 

Intel® xenon silvers 4210R, S 3647, Cascade Lake-SP, 20 Core, 40 Thread  

32GB RAM (64GB RAM for simultaneous SDI and streaming Mpeg2/H.264 SD/HD IPTS output)  

60GB OS Drive  

1TB Video Drive  

Free USB port for WIBU Key  

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    • Hardware requirements

      Certified hardware configurations SuperMicro Xeon Silver 4208 Processor Item 1x MS Win 10 Pro 1x Server Case Supermicro CSE-835TQ-R920 - Extended ATX, Redundant 920W Platinum 1x ARECA ARC-1203-8i, 8 port SAS, PCI-Express x8 2x Intel® Xeon® Silver ...
    • Can I upload my own logo and Favicon on the system?

      Yes! PlayBox Technology offers fully customizable GUI of the front end of the system 
    • Certified broadcast cards

      System requirements Black Magic DeckLink ·        DeckLink 4K Extreme o    Recommended driver 10.11.4 for MEGA use o   Recommended driver 9.8 for NEO use ·        DeckLink Quad o    Recommended driver 10.11.4 for MEGA use o   Recommended driver 9.8 ...
    • Can I create EPG (Electronic Program Guide)?

      This could be done through scheduling system in the AirBox
    • How is the set up process organized?

      PlayBox Technology will provide full initial set up of the system, including the Origin server.