Tab-delimited Text files as Playlists

Tab-delimited Text files as Playlists

You can import OML text files as playlists. The delimiter can be a tab, a coma or a semicolon symbol.

Go to File menu > Import playlist….

Select the Template to be used for “translating” the text. If there are no templates in the list, click More to open the Template builder:

Name the template and specify the delimiter (coma, semi-colon or tab), then load a sample text file;

Specify the number of lines to skip in the beginning (if necessary);

Right-click in the columns headers and assign their content
Press Save and Close the Template builder window.

TIP (!) You can check if your text complies with the currently loaded template by pressing the Validate button in the template builder dialog.

Specify the loading method (Load/Insert/Append).

NOTE: The Load button will replace the currently loaded playlist, the Insert button will insert the tab-delimited playlist above the currently selected line, and the Append button will add the tab-delimited playlist to the end of the currently loaded one.

Browse for the file to be imported and click OK to execute the import.

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