Use The Digital Clock in Counter Mode in TitleBox | PlayBox Technology Knowledge Base

The Digital Clock in Counter mode

Counting up

Select the Digital Clock object and pick Counter mode from the drop-down list in the toolbar.

Click on the Prepare button and then click Start.

Click on the Intermediate button to view the intermediate time.

The counter will continue working in the background.

Click on the Intermediate button once again to resume showing the elapsed time.

Click on the Visible button to hide/show the counter on the output.

Click on the Stop button to stop the counter

Counting down

Select the Digital Clock object and push the Countdown button.

Set the initial time.

Push Prepare and then Start.

The counter will start counting down.

Push Stop.

TIP (!) Upon double-clicking on a digital clock object, the lowest toolbar will display all font-formatting tools available for text objects.

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