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Titlebox DirectShow Object

How to use the TitleBox DirectShow objects

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    • Can TitleBox run on the same server as AirBox?

      Yes, both AirBox and TitleBox can be run on the same server.
    • What kind of scripting language does TitleBox support?

      A native scripting language allows AirBox or third-party applications to produce scripting in  TitleBox. This language is described in the TitleBox API. Alternatively, a simplified titling automation engine is available through the AirBox graphic ...
    • Titlebox Banner Object

      How to use the TitleBox Banner object Click on the Banner icon in the Object palette and draw a rectangle in the work area. In the Banner List Properties, click on the Add image button and open the images you wish. You can open them one by one, or ...
    • Titlebox Picture Object

      Start TitleBox and choose an object type from the object palette to the left Draw a rectangle in the work area to mark the object’s position and size. You can move and resize it later if necessary. Make the settings in the object properties dialog ...
    • TitleBox Text Objects

      How to use the TitleBox text object.