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Titlebox Picture Object

Start TitleBox and choose an object type from the object palette to the left

Draw a rectangle in the work area to mark the object’s position and size.

You can move and resize it later if necessary.

Make the settings in the object properties dialog and click OK.

TIP (!) You can change most of the object’s properties later in real time, even while on air.

Click on the Still Picture icon in the Object Palette.

Move the pointer to the work area, hold down the mouse button and draw a rectangle to mark the position of your picture object.

You can resize it later.

In the Picture Properties dialog, choose a background colour.

It will be visible in case the image is smaller than the object’s size.

Click on the Open image button, then browse for the desired image file and open it. Use the slides to the right to adjust the image blur, contrast, etc.

The Anti-flicker option is designed for smoothing the high-contrast computer graphics when overlaying it over video.

Change the Vertical value to prevent flickering of the graphics edges.

Choose the layout from the drop-down list: when in Normal layout, the image will preserve its original size. The rest of the picture object will be filled with the selected background colour.

If you select Stretch layout, the image will resize parallelly to object resizing.

Click OK

TIP (!) If the image contains alpha, push the
Draw alpha only button. Thus, you will be able to create a mask for any underlying object. Try to make effects this way! If you need to invert the alpha, open the properties dialog and click on the relevant button. Click OK to apply the changes.

TIP (!) Use the global Alpha slider to change the transparency of the whole object.

To change the image in the object, double click to open the Properties dialog, push Open image, and browse for the new picture file.