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TitleBox - Quick Start

Quick Start

The TitleBox (TB) module is an on-air graphics manager. You can create different static or dynamic objects in TitleBox, such as rolls, crawls, still pictures, clocks, etc., and save them in projects. The projects could be used directly for broadcasting or as customized templates.

In TitleBox you can also start objects from previously created project(s) at different times, thanks to its Scheduler.

TitleBox works together with the AirBox playout. Separate objects in TitleBox can be started or stopped via AirBox, by inserting TitleBox Net control events in an AirBox playlist.

1.      Launch TitleBox;

2.     Click the Crawl button in the object palette in the left;

3.     Draw a rectangle in the Preview Area;

4.     Type a text in the Properties dialog box and press OK;

5.     Press the two Play buttons – one in the bottom of the window and one in the third row of the taskbar.

Congratulations! You have just created your first TitleBox crawl!


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    • Can TitleBox run on the same server as AirBox?

      Yes, both AirBox and TitleBox can be run on the same server.
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      A native scripting language allows AirBox or third-party applications to produce scripting in  TitleBox. This language is described in the TitleBox API. Alternatively, a simplified titling automation engine is available through the AirBox graphic ...