What is Ad Network?

What is Ad Network?

What is Ad Network?

Ad networks play an important role in the advertising technology ecosystem. They function as brokers, purchasing traffic from publishers and selling it to marketers. Additionally, although advertising often refers to TV, print, or radio advertisements, we refer to internet advertising when we use the term "ad network." An internet company that generates profit from the difference between payments made to publishers and advertisers is an ad network.

Ad networks need technology to make this possible, because they combine many publications and sell their traffic to advertisers. Additionally, ad networks must be able to handle the rising demand for precise targeting and in-depth statistics. Advertisers may wish to monitor conversions and display their advertising under the visitor's place of origin, device, and operating system, among other things. Publishers can seek to maximise their fill rate, benefit from various ad formats, or impose restrictions on particular website content. The use of ad-serving technology is thus necessary.

Ad networks essentially use ad-serving technologies to run their company. Ad servers let publishers sell their ad inventory with the least amount of work, ensure that ad campaigns operate by the parameters (targeting, limitations, etc.), and provide you access to all the necessary metrics. We'll go into further depth below on how to launch and manage your ad network using the PlayBox Technology ad server.

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      Yes, every SafeBox task defines “Source” and “Destination” for the content replication